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Associate Professor of Psychology

Istanbul Bilgi University

Benefit from the experience of a researcher & educator


I provide statistical consultation and training on a variety of topics including data collection, data analysis, and data reporting for business and research purposes.

Research design

A solid research design is essential for any research project. Always aim for the most powerful design that promises to answer your questions. Such an approach also prevents wasting limited resources.

Practice with real-world datasets using SPSS and R

Tired of working on small datasets that do not seem meaningful? Need more practice with SPSS or R? I teach the practical application and interpretation of the frequently used statistical analyses such as t-test, ANOVA, regression, mediation, moderation and factor analysis.

Survey design

Questionnaires are utilized frequently to examine preferences, attitudes, and behavior. There are many nuances to designing a survey that captures what it is intended to measure. I provide consultation and training on a variety of topics including survey creation, survey design, item creation, item selection, and randomization.

Data visualization

Stats begin with exploring data and the best method to explore is to graph it! Learn utilizing R and SPSS to create beautiful figures & tables.

Exploratory and confirmatory data analysis

Have data but not sure what to do? Or, have a hypothesis and you need to compare alternative statistical models? I teach practical applications of factor analysis and other statistical techniques with R, JAMOVI, and SPSS, so you can apply them in your own research or business.

Data and Statistics

an image of the R-studio software


R is an open-source programming language and is popular among many data scientists. Most of my research data is analyzed with R. Because R-Studio offers a sleek interface for using R, I typically use them together on everyday tasks. You can learn to use R even if you have no prior coding experience.

an image of the JAMOVI software


JAMOVI is an R-based point-and-click statistical analysis tool. I utilize JAMOVI when I have to do a statistical analysis or plot a graph quickly. It is also quite easy to produce nice-looking tables with JAMOVI.

an image of the SPSS software


SPSS is a very popular and widely-used statistical software. Its popularity in many universities and businesses rests on its ease of use and user-friendly interface. However, it is not as flexible as R and because it is a commercial software, it has an additional cost.